An outward symbol of inner transformation through Jesus Christ.

Water Baptism

After you decide to follow Jesus by placing your faith in Him, turning from the wrong you have done and accepting the payment that Christ made on the cross for you, baptism is the next step. 

We practice believer’s baptism by immersion. It is one of the first outward acts that a follower of Jesus takes to share his personal faith in Jesus Christ.  After being baptized, the person becomes a member of the church and engages more in church life and ministry.

Baptism is:

  • An act of obedience: Jesus commands it (Matt 28:19).
  • An act of following Jesus’ example (Matt 3:13-17).
  • A Symbol of the death and resurrection of Jesus (Romans 6:1-4)
  • An act of following Jesus through death and resurrection (Romans 6:1-4)

Why Be Baptized?

We follow Jesus's example and His command to be baptized. It is a public announcement of your faith.

What Is The Meaning?

Baptism is a symbol of Jesus' burial and resurrection. It is also a symbol of your new life as a Christian.

Who Should Be Baptized?

Everyone who has made a decision to believe in Jesus and follow Him.

How Does It Take Place?

By being immersed in water like Jesus was.

Considering taking the next step in your faith?

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