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Sermon Outline

The Holy Spirit Who Baptises and Fills -Ephesians 5:15-21

People often have questions about the Holy Spirit. The two most popular questions are, “How do I get the Holy Spirit?” and “How do I get more of the Spirit?” In our text, Paul clearly shows us the answers.

As believers we are ____________ in the Holy Spirit.


As believers we have ____________ about the Holy Spirit.

  • It is not an ____________ experience.
  • It is not ____________ for special Christians.
  • It is controversial and better off ____________.

As believers we are to live our lives ____________ in the Spirit.

  • Watch our ____________.
  • Redeem the ____________.
  • Seek to do God’s ____________.

As believers we are to be continually ____________ with the Spirit.

  • The Holy Spirit is ready and _________ to fill us at any moment.
  • We must be ____________ to make ourselves available to him.

What is our ____________.

  • Determine who is in ____________.
  • We must ____________.
  • Remain in ____________.


“To be filled with the Spirit means the Spirit needs more of us.”

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